430 West Vinyl

Octave One


430 West 4W764

Octave One / Never On Sunday


430 West 4W755

Never On Sunday / Karina Mia

The Bearer Remixes

430 West 4W750

Octave One

Reworks EP

430 West 4W740

Octave One

Black Water

430 West 4W340CLEAR

Octave One / Random Noise Generation

Enfinate Soul EP

430 West 4W705

Octave One / Random Noise Generation


430 West 4WLP710

Octave One / Ann Saunderson

Just Dont Speak

430 West 4W635

Octave One / Lawrence Burden / Never On A Sunday

Detroit Techno City

430 West 4W236

Octave One / Lisa Newberry

I Believe

430 West 4WMS10

Octave One

Foundation EP

430 West 4W240

Octave One

Burn It Down

430 West 4WCLLP2600

Octave One


430 West 4W625

Octave One

New Life

430 West 4W 615

Octave One


430 West 4WCLBW 100

Octave One

Love and Hate

430 West 4WCL 004

Random Noise Generation

Generations Of Soul

430 West 4W275

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