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Think of Sound Shelter as one of those excitable record store workers, who shoves a record into your hands, and says "Have you heard this? I reckon you’ll love it".

Tell us the music you like, and we'll give you a personalised list of music recommendations you'll love.

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What is Sound Shelter?

Sound Shelter combines expert curation with a clever algorithm that offers insightful personalised music recommendations, based on your favourite record labels and producers. And just like a record store, the more you visit, the better the recommendations will get.

How do I get personalised recommendations?

Sign up, Save some records to your Wishlist and Follow your favourite artists. We'll learn your tastes and give you personalised recommendations to help you discover great new records for your collection

Why did you build it?

We love the digital age, but we have to admit that we miss that level of expertise and curation that we can experience in a good record shop. We also miss having a place where you can get genuine music recommendations, where someone had taken the time to learn the music you love.

What kind of music do you feature?

Sound Shelter has a particular focus on the undeground electronic music scene, but we also love hip-hop, dub and soul jazz.

Do you sell records?

No but we've made it easy for you buy records. Just click Buy and you'll be given a list of fine record stores that are selling the record you want.
If you purchase from Juno Records, via a link on Sound Shelter, a small commission may be payable to us. This money makes Sound Shelter possible.