Western Lore Vinyl

Eusebeia / Artificial Red / Thugwidow / Law

Shadow Rhythms Part Two

Western Lore LORE014

Dead Mans Chest / L Own / Andrew Whitwell / Response and Sourpuss

Shadow Rhythms Part One

Western Lore LORE013

Response / Pliskin

More Disturbed

Western Lore LORE012

Response / Pliskin / D ch / Double O / Eusebeia

Blunted Breaks Volume 02: LP Sampler

Western Lore LORELP03S

Sam Binary / Dead Mans Chest


Western Lore LORELTD002

Response / Pliskin


Western Lore LORE004

Dead Mans Chest / Sonic / Outer Heaven / Cavanaut / Coco Bryce

Blunted Breaks Vol 1: LP Sampler

Western Lore LORELP01S

Response / Pliskin

Plastic Face

Western Lore LORELTD001

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