Thugwidow LORELTD 005
Genre: Drum And Bass

Thugwidow - LORELTD 005

Western Lore

Release Date: 03/08/2020

Cat No: LORELTD005

Format: Vinyl


  • thugwidow - television
  • thugwidow - the kingdom
  • thugwidow - deep within there is nothing
  • thugwidow - awkward demise

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More about LORELTD 005

Western Lore released LORELTD 005 on Mon Aug 03 2020. The 4 track Drum And Bass release features Thugwidow.

Western Lore has released vinyl by Dead Mans Chest, Response, Pliskin, Sonic, Outer Heaven, Cavanaut, Coco Bryce, Sam Binary, Silent Dust, Thugwidow, Eusebeia, Bluematter, Earl Grey, Crypticz, and D ch.