Vinyl from Solar One Music

Gesloten Cirkel


Solar One Music SOM54

The Exaltics / Heinrich Mueller

Dimensional Shifting

Solar One Music SOM51

The Exaltics / The Paris The Black Fu

We Exist: Chapter One

Solar One Music SOM050

Animistic Beliefs

Mindset Reset

Solar One Music SOM049

The Exaltics


Solar One Music SOM046

Impakt / The Hacker / Crotaphytus / Legowelt / Chris Moss Acid

Signs Of Decay 2

Solar One Music SOM042

The Exaltics / Helena Hauff / Perseus Traxx / Drvg Cvltvre / Ekman

Signs Of Decay

Solar One Music SOM038



Solar One SOM030LP

Helena Hauff / Andreas Gehm

Helena Hauff Meets Andreas Gehm

Solar One SOM031

Andreas Gehm / Elec Pt 1

Black Pukee

Solar One SOM 024

The Exaltics / Elec Pt 1

The Exaltics Meets Elec Pt 1

Solar One SOM 022

The Exaltics / Morphology

The Exaltics meets Morphology

Solar One SOM 021

The Exaltics / Gosub

The Exaltics Meet Gosub

Solar One SOM 019

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