Aroop Roy Vinyl

Aroop Roy / Bernardo Pinheiro

Barefoot Beats 14

Barefoot Beats

Aroop Roy

Valentines Park

Stamp STAMP010

Haz Mat Live / Kuumba Reunion Band / Aroop Roy / The Hughes / Smith Quintet

Motorcity Wine Recordings Vol 2

Motorcity Wine Detroit MCWR002

Tabala / Aroop Roy / Truccy

Tabala Mouv

Vive La Musique VLM001

Aroop Roy / Peter Croce

Classics 3

Kampana KMPN003

Aroop Roy

My Home EP

Lazy Days LZD065

Aroop Roy

Classics 2

Kampana KMPN002

Aroop Roy


Kampana KMPN001

L Cio / Aroop Roy

People Talk


Aroop Roy


Basic Fingers FINGERS022

Aroop Roy

Brazil Breakdown

Gamm GAMM 089

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