Earth Boys The Eboys LP
Genre: Techno

Earth Boys - The Eboys LP

Public Release

Release Date: 05/10/2018

Cat No: PR18

Format: Vinyl


  • earth boys - the intro
  • earth boys - roll it back
  • earth boys - brick
  • earth boys - bossa nova gang
  • earth boys - don cado
  • earth boys - memory of 95
  • earth boys - come thru
  • earth boys - play at dawn
  • earth boys - i'm amazing
  • earth boys - blue iris
  • earth boys - last call
  • earth boys - the outro

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More about The Eboys LP

Public Release released The Eboys LP on Fri Oct 05 2018. The 12 track Techno release features Earth Boys.

Public Release has released vinyl by Mike Simonetti, Jeffrey Brodsky, Jacques Renault, Mark E, Anonstop, 40 Thieves, Bezier, The Beat Broker, Phil Gerus, Earth Boys, Eye O, Jee Day, Khotin, Tendts, and Anderson Chase.