Wilson Vinyl

Fabio Monesi


Wilson WLS27

Clafrica / Pats Favorite / Sanso / Tropico Frio

WLS 22

Wilson WLS22

Fabio Monesi

Love Letter

Wilson WLS20PINK

Fabio Monesi

Love Letter

Wilson WLS20

Fabio Monesi

Say Wot!

Wilson WLS18

Steve Murphy

Purification EP

Wilson WLS15

Fabio Monesi

Marble Act EP

Wilson WLS14

Fabio Monesi

Pipe Dreams EP

Wilson WLS13

Fabio Monesi

Parasol Dance

Wilson WLS11

Gene Hunt / Steve Murphy

Split Grooves Part 4 EP

Wilson WLS08

Fabio Monesi / Jordan Fields

Split Grooves EP Part 3

Wilson WLS 07

Fabio Monesi / Transitive Elements / Enrico Martini / James Johnston / The Upswing Project

Underground Warriors EP Part 3

Wilson WLS 06

Enrico Mantini

Rough Times EP

Wilson WLS 05

Fabio Monesi / Deymare

Split Grooves EP Part 2

Wilson WLS 04

Alex Agore / Fabio Monesi / Washerman / Luca Ballerini

Underground Warriors EP Part 1

Wilson WLS 01

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