Unidisc Vinyl

The Whispers

So Good

Unidisc AGEK2112LP

The Whispers

The Whispers

Unidisc AGEK2106LP

Goldie Alexander

Knocking Down Love

Unidisc AGEK2330LP

Tracy Weber

Sure Shot

Unidisc SPEC1382R


Be With You

Unidisc SPEC1516R

Jocelyn Brown

Somebody Elses Guy

Unidisc SPLP7001


Bad Boys

Unidisc ATM1220LP

Van Zant

Van Zant

Unidisc AGEK2066LP

Gino Soccio

Face To Face

Unidisc SPLP7237

Gino Soccio


Unidisc SPLP7236

Dogs Of War

Dogs Of War

Unidisc AGEK2701LP

Gino Soccio


Unidisc SPLP7235

France Joli

Gonna Get Over You

Unidisc SPEC1875

Bohannon / Dr Perri Johnson / Dimitri From Paris

Lets Start To Dance Again

Unidisc SPEC1872

Geraldine Hunt

Cant Fake The Feeling

Unidisc SPEC1858


DJs Delight

Unidisc SPEC1871

Patrick Cowley


Unidisc SPEC1864

Sine / Patrick Adams

Happy Is The Only Way

Unidisc SPEC1861RED

Patrick Cowley

Megatron Man

Unidisc SPLP7052

A Foot In Coldwater

A Foot In Coldwater

Unidisc AGEK2158LP



Unidisc AGEK2730


In The Bush

Unidisc SPEC1830

Patrick Cowley / Sylvester

Do You Wanna Funk

Unidisc SPEC1829

Electra / Tara Butler

Feels Good (Carrots and Beets)

Unidisc SPEC1816

Lucy Pearl

Lucy Pearl

Unidisc 780592LP

Punkin Machine / Suzy Q

I Need You Tonight

Unidisc SPEC1820

American Gypsy / Patti Brooks

Im Ok Youre Ok

Unidisc SPEC1577

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