Ultra Vybe Vinyl

Terumasa Hino / Reggie Workman

A Part (Japanese Edition)

Ultra Vybe UVWA3065

Soul Jazz

Terumasa Hino Quintet

Love Nature (Japanese Edition)

Ultra Vybe UVWA3066

Soul Jazz

Jimmy Bo Horne / Lynn Williams

Hey There Jim

Ultra Vybe OTS201

Soul Jazz

Brief Encounter

Total Satisfaction

Ultra Vybe OTS200

Soul Jazz

Clarence Reid

Rockin Chair

Ultra Vybe OTS202

Soul Jazz

All The People / Robert Moore

Cramp Your Style

Ultra Vybe OTS203

Soul Jazz

DJ Nori / Wanda Williams / Montreal Sound

TK Records EP

Ultra Vybe OTS114


Kiki Vivi Lily


Ultra Vybe OTS225

Soul Jazz



Ultra Vybe BOAT002

Hip Hop


Lift Off

Ultra Vybe OTS235


Rene Riche and Her Cosmic Band

Love In Space

Ultra Vybe OTS236


Alice Clark

Dont You Care

Ultra Vybe OTS231

Soul Jazz

Terumasa Hino / Reggie Workman

A Part (Record Store Day 2020)

Ultra Vybe OTS184LP

Soul Jazz

Lonnie Smith

Sizzle Stick

Ultra Vybe PPR007

Soul Jazz

Jimmy Mcgriff


Ultra Vybe PPR013

Soul Jazz

Odonel Levy / Lucky Thompson Quartet

Weve Only Just Begun

Ultra Vybe PPR012

Soul Jazz

Funky Nassau / The Armada Orchestra

MR K TK Records EP

Ultra Vybe OTS109


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