Tramp Vinyl



Tramp TRLP9114

The Funk Revolution

Space Dream

Tramp TRLP9116

The Funk Revolution

Dont Go Away

Tramp TRLP9115

The Funk Revolution

Space Dream

Tramp TR1053

The Oscillators


Tramp TR1052

The Oscillators

The Oscillators

Tramp TRLP9111

Various Artists

Peace Chant Vol 6

Tramp TRLP91102

Various Artists

Peace Chant Vol 5

Tramp TRLP91101

Marvelle and The Blue Match

Soul Fever

Tramp TR317

The Vince Mance Trio

Big Boy

Tramp JTR5030

Junior and The Classics

Kill The Pain

Tramp TR314

Joe Washington and Wash

Blueberry Hill

Tramp TR312

Hanns G Schmidt Theissen

Dedicated To The Stars

Tramp TR310

Rosie and Eddie


Tramp TR308

Reno and The Chosen 3

Soul Bagg

Tramp TR307

The New Lucky Seven


Tramp TR1050

The Kutimangoes


Tramp TR1051

Bobby Cole

A Perfect Day

Tramp JTR5026

Amazin Five

Only With You

Tramp TR1049RE

Attila and The Huns

Hurry Back

Tramp TR294

Big Band Frank Pleyer


Tramp JTR5025

The Royal Dees

Please Some

Tramp TR1048

Amazin Five

Only With You

Tramp TR1049

Mosquito Hawks

Some Kinda Blues

Tramp TRLP9098

The Dm Movements

Ooo Wee Baby

Tramp TR292

James Kelly Duhon

So Trusting

Tramp TR273

Jimmy Preacher Ellis

Since I Fell For You

Tramp TR290

Chicken Grass


Tramp TR1047

Penn Central

Right On Track

Tramp TRLP9097

The New Philadephians


Tramp JTR5024

Shirlean Williams and The Tempos Band

This Is A Song

Tramp TR283

Various Artists

Peace Chant 3

Tramp TRLP90941

Various Artists

Peace Chant 4

Tramp TRLP90942

George and The Highlanders

The Hawk

Tramp TR286

The Silky Vincent Group

The Complete Hook Up Recordings

Tramp TRLP9092

Carl and The Commanders Holmes / Pevris Herder

Soul Dance No 3

Tramp TR285

Lucky Brown / The Sgs

Pecan Trees Speak To Each Other

Tramp TRLP9090

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