Tanstaafl Vinyl

John Osborn / Tallmen 785

The Curfew EP

Tanstaafl TANSPLAN010

Lando / Xavier

The Switch EP

Tanstaafl TANSPLAN008

Henning Baer

Gemini EP

Tanstaafl TANSPLAN007

Kessel Vale

Shapes EP

Tanstaafl TRANSPLAN006

John Osborn

Desire Is Mono

Tanstaafl TANS004

John Daly

Second Knight

Tanstaafl TANSPLAN004

Bill Youngman

Track Four

Tanstaafl TANSPLAN003

Tallmen 785

What You Need

Tanstaafl TANSPLAN 002



Tanstaafl TANSPLAN 001

October / John Osborn

Trancending Biology

Tanstaafl TANS 003

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