Steeplechase Vinyl

Scott Colley

This Place

Steeplechase G1443

Soul Jazz

George Cables


Steeplechase G1434

Soul Jazz

Billy Harper Quintet

Destiny Is Yours

Steeplechase G1260

Soul Jazz

Jackie Mclean / Dexter Gordon

The Meeting

Steeplechase G1006

Soul Jazz

Johnny Dyani Quartet

Song For Biko

Steeplechase G1109

Soul Jazz

Andy Laverne Quartet

Frozen Music

Steeplechase SCS1244

Soul Jazz

Red Rodney Quintet

Red Snapper

Steeplechase SCS1252

Soul Jazz

Walt Dickerson / Richard Davis


Steeplechase SCS1213

Soul Jazz

Paul Bley / Jesper Lundgaard

Live Again

Steeplechase SCS1230

Soul Jazz

Boulou Ferre Quartet


Steeplechase SCS1243

Soul Jazz

Tete Montoliu

Lush Life

Steeplechase SCS1216

Soul Jazz

Bill Hardman Sextet

Whats Up

Steeplechase SCS1254

Soul Jazz

Jim Mcneely Trio

Winds Of Change

Steeplechase SCS1256

Soul Jazz

John Mcneil Quintet

Things We Did Last Summer

Steeplechase SCS1231

Soul Jazz

Larry Schneider / Adam Nussbaum / Mike Richmond

On The Edge

Steeplechase SCS1237

Soul Jazz

Joe Bonner Quartet

The Lost Melody

Steeplechase SCS1227

Soul Jazz

Red Rodney Quartet

Red Giant

Steeplechase SCS1233

Soul Jazz

Boulou Ferre Trio


Steeplechase SCS1222

Soul Jazz

Teddy Edwards Quartet

Out Of This World

Steeplechase SCS1147

Soul Jazz

Doug Raney Quartet

Blue and White

Steeplechase SCS1191

Soul Jazz

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