Soul Jazz Vinyl

Nat King Cool / The Cool Runners

Checking Out

Soul Jazz SJR53912



Soul Jazz LPSOJR535IE

Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Brothers

Last Train To Skaville

Soul Jazz SJRLP80C

Electric Chairs

So Many Ways

Soul Jazz SJR5137

Carver Area High School Seniors

Get Live 83 (The Senior Rap)

Soul Jazz SJR53112

Alton Ellis / Sound Dimension

Blackish White

Soul Jazz SJR4737

Dansette Damage

The Only Sound

Soul Jazz SJR5117

Funk Masters

Love Money

Soul Jazz SJR51912

Trees Speak

Mind Maze

Soul Jazz SJRLP527

Count Ossie / The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari

Tales Of Mozambique

Soul Jazz SJRLP325C

Willie Williams / The Brentford Disco Set

No One Can Stop Us

Soul Jazz SJR47912

Cedric Im Brooks / Sound Dimension

Mun Dun Go

Soul Jazz SJR48012

Michigan and Smiley

Nice Up The Dance

Soul Jazz SJR47512

Krikor Kouchian

Biceps Brachii

Soul Jazz SJR48912

Explosions / Juanita Brooks

Garden Of Four Trees

Soul Jazz SJR2827

Dawn Penn / Dub Specialist

No No No

Soul Jazz SJR47712

The Explosions

Hip Drop

Soul Jazz SJR2847

Marilyn Barbarin / Soul Finders


Soul Jazz SJR3037

Chuck Carbo / Soul Finders

Can I Be Your Squeeze

Soul Jazz SJR3047

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