Cahoots Vinyl

Guy Johnson

Borneo Bongo EP

Cahoots HOOTS104

Hot Coffee / Paul Rudder / Chocky / Guy Johnson

Cahoots Records Volume 8

Cahoots HOOTS008

Jus Nowhere / Jackson Ryland

Foldin & Rollin EP

Cahoots HOOTS103

Mikki Funk / Dub Striker / Marc Cotterell / Outstrip


Cahoots HOOTS007

Markus Quittner

Nightside EP

Cahoots HOOTS102

Borai / Ave Astra / Stevn Aint Leavn / Anders Hellberg

Cahoot Records Volume 4

Cahoots HOOTS004

Nick Beringer / Markus Quittner / Robert Reinartz / The Zars

Volume 3

Cahoots HOOTS003

Volta Cab / Ange Siddhar / Jeremy Juno / Mulla

Volume 2

Cahoots HOOTS002

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