Lewis Fautzi Vinyl

Ritzi Lee / Lewis Fautzi / Casual Treatment / Bazalt / Jokasti and Nek

Herdersmat Part 39


Lewis Fautzi

Methods Of Nothing EP

Polegroup POLEGROUP070

Lewis Fautzi / Norbak / Oscar Mulero / Temudo / Kessell

Perception Series II

Faut Section FAUT052

Jonas Kopp / Nadia Struiwigh / Szymon Z / Lewis Fautzi / Felicie

Herdersmat Part 26


Lewis Fautzi

Intense Mechanism

Polegroup POLEGROUP062

Lewis Fautzi

State Of Pressure EP

Soma SOMA589

Reeko / Tensal / Lewis Fautzi / Norbak

Perception Series I

Faut Section FAUT028

Reeko / Lewis Fautzi / Kessell / Steve Bicknell

Gathering Composed Thoughts

Granulart Recordings GLTD007

Lewis Fautzi


Soma SOMA557

Lewis Fautzi / Eric Fetcher / Reeko / Shifted

Unknown Landscapes: Selected 06

Polegroup POLEGROUP055

Lewis Fautzi

Molecular Spasms EP

Soma SOMA508

Lewis Fautzi


Figure FIGURE89

Lewis Fautzi

The Ascension Of Mind

Polegroup POLEGROUP046LP

Lewis Fautzi

Elocution EP

Figure FIGURE81

Reeko / Christian Wunsch / Lewis Fautzi / Perc

Polegroupbox 1 Disc 5


Bas Mooy / Rebekah / Developer / Lewis Fautzi

Sleaze Select Vol III

Sleaze SLEAZE118

Lewis Fautzi

Blood EP

Polegroup POLEGROUP034

Lewis Fautzi

Galactic Signal EP

Figure FIGURE68

Lewis Fautzi

Figure 59

Figure FIGURE59

Lewis Fautzi

The Gare Album

Soma SOMALP107

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