Zeta Reticula | Umwelt NF 28PIC
Genre: Electro

Zeta Reticula / Umwelt - NF 28PIC

New Flesh

Release Date: 02/02/2023

Cat No: NF28PIC

Format: Vinyl


  • zeta reticula - the fate of the ship unknown
  • zeta reticula - documented contact
  • umwelt - hyperspace
  • umwelt - earth to unknown

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More about NF 28PIC

New Flesh released NF 28PIC on Thu Feb 02 2023. The 4 track Electro release features Zeta Reticula, and Umwelt.

New Flesh has released vinyl by The French Dissidents, Umwelt, Analogue Bipolar Boy, Rogue Frequency, Norwell, The Ghost That Walks, Jauzas The Shining, Foreign Sequence, Cosmic Force, Final Dream, Dynarec, Nite Fleit, and Zeta Reticula.

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