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Divorced! For Your Eyes Only

Divorced! For Your Eyes Only

Yellowman and Fathead

Burning Sounds 2018


  • Yellowman & Fathead - Divorced!
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Barn Yard
  • Yellowman & Fathead - For Your Eyes Only (Yellowman Solo)
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Water Rock
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Tourist Season
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Sometime I Lie
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Don'T Call Me Daddy
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Donkey Want Water
  • Yellowman & Fathead - To The Bump
  • Yellowman & Fathead - Top Form (Yellowman Solo)

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More about this release

Burning Sounds released Divorced! For Your Eyes Only on 30 November 2018. The 10 track vinyl features Yellowman and Fathead.

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