Xy0815 Exahertz
Genre: Electro

Xy0815 - Exahertz

Label: Brokntoys

Release Date: 05/07/2017

Cat No: BT19

Format: Vinyl


  • cygonic system
  • tool matter
  • end of your orbit
  • octogon x
  • pseudo bavaria
  • lost wires

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More about Exahertz

Brokntoys released Exahertz on Wed Jul 05 2017. The 6 track Electro release features Xy0815.

Brokntoys has released vinyl by Marco Bernardi, Pip Williams, Scape One, Luke Eargoggle, Kan3da, Obergman, Rutherford, Koova, Junq, Syncom Data, Microthol, Etcher, The Hacker, Das Muster, and Dan White.