Wolf Eyes Dreams In Splattered Lines
Genre: Leftfield

Wolf Eyes - Dreams In Splattered Lines


Release Date: 25/05/2023

Cat No: DISC20

Format: Vinyl


  • wolf eyes - car wash two (with short hands)
  • wolf eyes - radio box (excerpt)
  • wolf eyes - plus warning
  • wolf eyes - engaged withdrawal
  • wolf eyes - exploding time
  • wolf eyes - my whole life
  • wolf eyes - the museums we carry
  • wolf eyes - pointerstare
  • wolf eyes - comforts of the mind
  • wolf eyes - in society
  • wolf eyes - find you (vocal)
  • wolf eyes - days decay
  • wolf eyes - dreams in shattered time

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Wolf Eyes

More about Dreams In Splattered Lines

Disciples released Dreams In Splattered Lines on Thu May 25 2023. The 13 track Leftfield release features Wolf Eyes.

Disciples has released vinyl by Black Lodge, Model Home, Phew, 99letters, Wolf Eyes, Saint Abdullah, Jason Nazary, Esp Summer, Maxine Funke, Ruth Mascelli, Sarah Davachi, Charlene Darling, and Nrsb 11.