Wojciech Rusin Syphon
Genre: Bass

Wojciech Rusin - Syphon

AD 93

Release Date: 03/02/2022

Cat No: WHYT049

Format: Vinyl


  • wojciech rusin - speculum veritatis (feat eden girma)
  • wojciech rusin - wash out
  • wojciech rusin - words into shapes (feat emmy broughton)
  • wojciech rusin - swedenborg in the forest
  • wojciech rusin - after a feast (feat eden girma)
  • wojciech rusin - the world in a tiny bottle (feat eden girma)
  • wojciech rusin - origins of pleasure
  • wojciech rusin - destroyer of worlds
  • wojciech rusin - visitors (feat emmy broughton)
  • wojciech rusin - glass coil (feat eden girma)

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More about Syphon

AD 93 released Syphon on Thu Feb 03 2022. The 10 track Bass release features Wojciech Rusin.

AD 93 has released vinyl by Anunaku, DJ Plead, Dylan Henner, Mucho Sueno, Bas Dobbelaer, Martinou, Sapphire Slows, Bambounou, Avalon Emerson, Venus Ex Machina, Amandra, Biosphere, James K, Maxwell Sterling, and Vivian Koch.