Wachita China Cyberspace EP
Genre: Electro

Wachita China - Cyberspace EP

Hypnotica Colectiva

Release Date: 05/12/2022

Cat No: HCR015

Format: Vinyl


  • wachita china - cyberspace (intro)
  • wachita china - fuck free world
  • wachita china - dreamy
  • wachita china - bananas
  • wachita china - 1nternet cultur3
  • wachita china - n3w t3chn0logy

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More about Cyberspace EP

Hypnotica Colectiva released Cyberspace EP on Mon Dec 05 2022. The 6 track Electro release features Wachita China.

Hypnotica Colectiva has released vinyl by Squaric, Raszia, Uncrat, Group, Voidloss, Siarem, Filmmaker, Somatic Responses, Mariska Neerman, Estrato Aurora, and Wachita China.