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From The Archive Vol 2
Genre: Soul Jazz

Volcov - From The Archive Vol 2

Label: BBE

Release Date: 07/09/2018

Cat No: BBELP399

Format: Vinyl


  • Carleen Anderson - All That Glitters
  • Collective Peace - Let The Music Play
  • Ruth Koleva - Turn It Around (Eric Lau Remix)
  • The Rebirth - Caterpillar
  • Ron Trent - Ori Space
  • Ian O'Brien - Spiraling Prism
  • Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon - Kaidi Tatham Shokazulu Remix) - The Blue Room (Feat Tk Blue
  • Numbers - Moonblood (Ig Sos Mix)
  • Honey Sweet - I Put A Spell On You (Feat Cindy Mizelle)
  • Harry Whitaker - The After Life (Part 2)

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More about this release

BBE released From The Archive Vol 2 on 07 September 2018. The 10 track vinyl features Volcov, and Kaidi Tatham. Remixes come from Kaidi Tatham.

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