Voiron Ingenieur Du Son
Genre: Electro

Voiron - Ingenieur Du Son

Analogical Force

Release Date: 26/05/2023

Cat No: AF049LP

Format: Vinyl


  • voiron - call me voiron
  • voiron - body voiron
  • voiron - rocket voiron
  • voiron - eurovoiron
  • voiron - voiron tire la sonnette d'alarme
  • voiron - voiron montana
  • voiron - voiron et marie denise
  • voiron - sing like voiron
  • voiron - ty voiron
  • voiron - bep voiron
  • voiron - keraudren voiron
  • voiron - protoxyde voiron

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More about Ingenieur Du Son

Blending elements of twisted electro with the refreshing sound of early 90's rave culture and IDM on the highly anticipated debut album from Breton artist Voiron (a precious gem in the French underground scene). 'Ingenieur du Son' features 12 bold tracks in Voiron's unique style which is evident in every piece. Uncompromising in his approach, Voiron stays true to his vision without being swayed by external influences. From light and upbeat dancefloor tracks to experimental "idm" sounds, Voiron is for everyone... Embark for Voironland! (But don't hesitate to long as the vinyl release is limited!!) (Artwork by Acid Hazel, Berlin). Tip!!

Analogical Force released Ingenieur Du Son on Fri May 26 2023. The 12 track Electro release features Voiron.

Analogical Force has released vinyl by Anodyne, Echo 106, Kettel, Dwaallicht, Shinra, Eod, Microlith, Daed, Rolando Simmons, Techdiff, Cignol, Gareth Clarke, Helena Hauff, Cco, and B12.

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