Various Artists W49B
Genre: Electro

Various Artists - W49B

Label: Nebulae

Release Date: 07/10/2021

Cat No: NBL009

Format: Vinyl


  • Warbling Tundra - Curios
  • Kindred (Mause Breakbeat Bonanza Mix) - Lee
  • The Mnlg - Antonio Sa
  • 11.11 - Rico Casazza & CPSL
  • Strobed Alabastro - Caramel Chameleon
  • Does Everyone Feel This Way - Dopefist
  • Trisolaran - Adhesive
  • I Like Your Girlfriend - Uf0

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More about W49B

Nebulae released W49B on Thu Oct 07 2021. The 8 track Electro release features Various Artists.

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Nebulae has released vinyl by Stellardrone, Cco, Darren Nye, Holon, Cignol, Mcmx, Placid One, Edward Sabine, Tr, Tim Jackiw, G Prod, Armec, Promising Youngster, Sound Synthesis, and Arctor.