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Shlomo | Francois X | Pvnv | Birth Of Frequency Various Artist EP
Genre: Techno

Shlomo / Francois X / Pvnv / Birth Of Frequency - Various Artist EP

Label: Taapion

Release Date: 01/04/2015

Cat No: TPN004

Format: Vinyl


  • Radiocative Sin
  • Dreaming Of The Tesseract
  • Pace Chemistry
  • Child

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More about Various Artist EP

From Paris with Techno! Taapion records is back with a second compilation: Four tracks made in the French Capital city with Shlomo, Francois X, PVNV & Birth Of Frequency. Fisrt come Radioactive Sin from one of the label owner: Shlomo. The track has an uptight rythm, giving a feeling of pressure with hopless pads on top. Like an empty landscape after a nuclear war. Francois X is standing on A2 with Dreaming Of The Tesseract. He is building up a hudge loop with the Devil's tension and driving the cinematics Leads as an Horror movie director. Just flip the record and you'll find an other Taapion records owner on B1 : PVNV. He's travelling again In a deep and atmospheric techno with a track called Pace Chemistry. An amazing journey into the center of a dream where techno is a religion. Birth Of Frequency is closing the record on B2. With this track named Child, he decided to recreate his own vision of Taapion records. With that amazing Pad, wich is almost there all the time in the track, Simon aka Birth Frequency catch you on the Techno highway and gives you strong emotions.

Taapion released Various Artist EP on Wed Apr 01 2015. The 4 track Techno release features Shlomo, Francois X, Pvnv, and Birth Of Frequency.

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Taapion has released vinyl by Antigone, Pvnv, Roman Poncet, Shlomo, Awb, Francois X, Birth Of Frequency, Bambounou, Kasst, Schlomo, Eyssenah, Hadone, and Blame The Mono.