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Open Space Vol 1

Open Space Vol 1

Various Artists

Figure 2020


  • Kirilik - The Beginning Of Everything
  • John Beltran - The Morning Moves The Sun
  • Sebastian Mullaert - In The Mist We Appeared
  • Jakojako - Deine Augen
  • The 7Th Plain - For Cocteaux & Budd
  • Len Faki - Find Your Way
  • The Persuader - Remembering Water Pearls
  • Ralf Hildenbeutel - April
  • Moritz Von Oswald - Silence
  • Kangding Ray - Treize
  • Tin Man - Lovely Acid
  • Antigone - Indiana Police

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More about this release

Figure released Open Space Vol 1 on 18 November 2020. The 12 track vinyl features Various Artists.

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