Various Artists
Futur II

01 June 2018


Featuring Artists

Various Artists


Organic - Dwig Deer

The Trip - Ferdinand

Filter Funk - Monkey Maffia

Komsyn - Jaq

Attraction Tool - Matthias Relling

Shall I Say It Again - Traumprinz

Sar - Ateq

Voices In Your Head - Vril

Fusion - Sebastian Peter

Generation Gage - Kettenkarussell

Splitting Ways - Leafar Legov

Crossie Pennt - Edward

Tropical Island - Thomas

Klauds - Herr Koreander

The record label Giegling has released vinyl by Vril, Dwig, Die Wiese Im Garten, Molly, Herr Koreander, Olin, Traumprinz, Matthias Reiling, Edward, DJ Metatron, Ateq, Map Ache, Giegling, Leafar Legov, Deer, Kettenkarussell, Prince Of Denmark, Zum Goldenen Schwarm

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