Umwelt | Rory St John | Talker | Swarm Intelligence Directors Cut
Genre: Techno

Umwelt / Rory St John / Talker / Swarm Intelligence - Directors Cut


Release Date: 24/01/2019

Cat No: VOIDC01

Format: Vinyl


  • umwelt - time crystal
  • rory st john - rotoscopus
  • talker - inchoate
  • swarm intelligence - cumulus

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More about Directors Cut

Contributing to the Directors Cut series are core label members, friends, and artists who have supported VOITAX over the years. Each contributor is selected for their unique sound and bold vision. This series is not bound to any genre. The label encourages contributors to step outside the ordinary - anything goes! The first edition will feature tracks from VOITAX veterans Swarm Intelligence and Rory St. John alongside new contributors, who need little introduction, Rave Or Die boss, Umwelt and Downwards affiliates, Talker.

Voitax released Directors Cut on Thu Jan 24 2019. The 4 track Techno release features Umwelt, Rory St John, Talker, and Swarm Intelligence.

Voitax has released vinyl by Voitax, I Hate Models, Rory St John, Vlaysin, Paal, Swarm Intelligence, Esker, Makaton, Veronica Maximova, Umwelt, Talker, Cressida, Cyan85, Arad, and Lfdm.

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