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CoOp Presents Plug One
Soul Jazz

CoOp Presents Plug One

Various Artists

CoOp Presents 2020


  • Xtra Brux - Hot Shot
  • Cengiz - Reminiscing
  • Entek - Yeye
  • Reginald Omas Mamode Iv - 400 Years
  • Wonky Logic - Boss Slug
  • Trev - Of The Sorcerer
  • Turbojazz - Rewind
  • Namebrandsound - Home Demo (Feat Aleisha Lee)
  • Szajna - Wriggle Shuffle
  • Evm128 - Bun Dat
  • Lcsm - Virtual Signal
  • Sivey - Secret Circuit
  • Coach Leo - Give It Up (Groove Chronicles Remix)

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More about this release

CoOp Presents released CoOp Presents Plug One on 12 November 2020. The 13 track vinyl features Various Artists.

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