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Heavy Light

Heavy Light

Us Girls

4AD 2020


  • Us Girls - 4 American Dollars
  • Us Girls - Overtime
  • Us Girls - Iou
  • Us Girls - Advice To Teenage Self
  • Us Girls - State House (It'S A Man'S World)
  • Us Girls - Born To Lose
  • Us Girls - And Yet It Moves/Y Se Mueve
  • Us Girls - The Most Hurtful Thing
  • Us Girls - Denise, Don'T Wait
  • Us Girls - Woodstock '99
  • Us Girls - The Color Of Your Childhood Bedroom
  • Us Girls - The Quiver To The Bomb
  • Us Girls - Red Ford Radio

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More about this release

4AD released Heavy Light on 06 March 2020. The 13 track vinyl features Us Girls.

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