Umwelt | V 3.378 Acid Avengers 003
Genre: Techno

Umwelt / V 3.378 - Acid Avengers 003

Acid Avengers

Release Date: 06/12/2016

Cat No: AAR003

Format: Vinyl


  • reflections on a strange existence
  • theory of alienation
  • critical incident
  • gateway
  • submissive gesture

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V 3.378

More about Acid Avengers 003

Acid Avengers released Acid Avengers 003 on Tue Dec 06 2016. The 5 track Techno release features Umwelt, and V 3.378.

Acid Avengers has released vinyl by Umwelt, V 3.378, Dez Williams, Tonotopy, Acidolido, Jaquarius, Defekt, Maelstrom, Drvg Cvltvre, Fallbeil, Photonz, Posthuman, Deformation Booleenne, D Carbone, and Aaaa.

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