Tv Priest My Other People (Loser Edition)
Genre: Rock

Tv Priest - My Other People (Loser Edition)

Sub Pop

Release Date: 06/03/2023

Cat No: 98787148701

Format: Vinyl


  • tv priest - one easy thing
  • tv priest - bury me in my shoes
  • tv priest - limehouse cut
  • tv priest - i have learnt nothing
  • tv priest - it was beautiful
  • tv priest - the happiest place on earth
  • tv priest - my other people
  • tv priest - the breakers
  • tv priest - unravelling
  • tv priest - it was a gift
  • tv priest - i am safe here
  • tv priest - sunland

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Tv Priest

More about My Other People (Loser Edition)

Sub Pop released My Other People (Loser Edition) on Mon Mar 06 2023. The 12 track Rock release features Tv Priest.

Sub Pop has released vinyl by Spoek Mathambo, Low, Shearwater, Washed Out, Shabazz Palaces, Doldrums, Porter Ray, Arbor Labor Union, Avi Buffalo, Band Of Horses, Beach House, Bobs Burgers, Clipping, Comets On Fire, and Constantines.