Tuck Chains Tapes
Genre: Hip Hop

Tuck Chains - Tapes

Full Dose

Release Date: 10/03/2023

Cat No: FD013

Format: Vinyl


  • tuck chains - lock down
  • tuck chains - salvatore
  • tuck chains - ewan hughes army
  • tuck chains - inspector fuck
  • tuck chains - spanish
  • tuck chains - monkey pox for the fashion district
  • tuck chains - chrome & glass
  • tuck chains - shit faced
  • tuck chains - selotaped scotes

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More about Tapes

Full Dose released Tapes on Fri Mar 10 2023. The 9 track Hip Hop release features Tuck Chains.

Full Dose has released vinyl by Akhiezer, Lucchesi, Jbs, An Gleann Dubh, Antony Bernardo, Lvcchesi, The Three Lives, Tuck Chains, Brollachan, DJ Superherb, and Ten Years Lost.