Trypheme Aluminia
Genre: Electro

Trypheme - Aluminia

Central Processing Unit

Release Date: 30/01/2020

Cat No: CPU01010011

Format: Vinyl


  • trypheme - lava
  • trypheme - fey
  • trypheme - eedyu
  • trypheme - x ray mantra
  • trypheme - in a cyber spiral
  • trypheme - cry silent cry

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More about Aluminia

Central Processing Unit released Aluminia on Thu Jan 30 2020. The 6 track Electro release features Trypheme.

Central Processing Unit has released vinyl by Cn, Fah, Plant 43, Automatic Tasty, Carbo Flex, Dmx Krew, Morphology, Mrs Jynx, Paul Blackford, Cygnus, Sync 24, Missqulater, Scape One, Koova, and Mikron.