Tom Ellis Club Soda EP
Genre: House

Tom Ellis - Club Soda EP


Release Date: 11/06/2008

Cat No: MINIBAR012

Format: Vinyl


  • tom ellis - bread & butter
  • tom ellis - i thought to myself
  • tom ellis - gain
  • tom ellis - no i didn't (feat suz)

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More about Club Soda EP

Barba hits its 12th edition with one of the coolest records in its catalogue. Having said that, if you have an expectation on how a Barba record should sound - this one might throw you a curveball. Russian producer Information Ghetto (aka Clapan aka Dennis Korsunski) is no stranger to Burek/Barba/Pomalo family and on this 12" he's pulling all the right moves. Both of the originals, "General Trip" and "Unused OrtoDox", are seriously trippy slow-burning 303 affairs executed flawlessly in a sort-of-a breakbeat manner. However, the surprise comes on the flip. "General Trip" got a treatment from non other than Luke Vibert, British electronic music legend responsible for some of the most loved albums of the 90s and later. Track's signature acid line is here, and breakbeat moment is sounding as fresh as back in the day. Add an irresistible 90s reminiscent piano hook and it doesn't take a genius to realise you've got on your hands a monster tune which will send any party into overdrive. Big. All that, pressed onto a heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and beautifully packaged in an original artwork traditionally featuring local artists

Minibar released Club Soda EP on Wed Jun 11 2008. The 4 track House release features Tom Ellis.

Minibar has released vinyl by Audio Werner, Jeff Samuel, Cabsum, Copacabannark, Hamid, Vedren and Leiris, Gluck, Fumiya Tanaka, Denis Kaznacheev, Martinez, Lowris, Point G, Ben Vedren, Pit Spector, and Cabanne.

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