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Hot Wet and Sassy

Hot Wet and Sassy


Ghostly International 2020


  • Tobacco - Centaur Skin
  • Tobacco - Pit
  • Tobacco - Headless To Headless
  • Tobacco - Stabbed By A Knight
  • Tobacco - Chinese Aquarius
  • Tobacco - Ass-To-Truth
  • Tobacco - Jinmenken
  • Tobacco - Babysitter (Feat Trent Reznor)
  • Tobacco - Road Warrior Pisces
  • Tobacco - Poisonous Horses
  • Tobacco - Mythemim
  • Tobacco - Body Double
  • Tobacco - Motherfuckers 64
  • Tobacco - Perfect Shadow

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More about this release

Ghostly International released Hot Wet and Sassy on 30 October 2020. The 14 track vinyl features Tobacco.

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