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INEX 010 (3 Year Anniversary)

INEX 010 (3 Year Anniversary)

Tilman and Sune / Das Carma / M Ono / Ruff Stuff / DJ Psychiatre / Deeleegenz / Embezzlement Society / Shake Shake Deluxe / Cassettes For Kids / Max Tealer

Inhale Exhale 2020


  • Tilman & Sune - She Never Was My Friend
  • Das Carma - Like We Are
  • M Ono - Fifty Fifty
  • Ruff Stuff - Down Roller
  • DJ Psychiatre - Letters From The Past
  • Deeleegenz - Hold It
  • Embezzlement Society - Doe Or Cry '95
  • Shake Shake Deluxe - White Wine
  • Cassettes For Kids - Made For Club
  • Max Telaer - Jazzy Thing

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More about this release

Inhale Exhale released INEX 010 (3 Year Anniversary) on 24 April 2020. The 10 track vinyl features Tilman and Sune, Das Carma, M Ono, Ruff Stuff, DJ Psychiatre, Deeleegenz, Embezzlement Society, Shake Shake Deluxe, Cassettes For Kids, and Max Tealer.

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