The Mole The River Widens
Genre: House

The Mole - The River Widens

Circus Company

Release Date: 28/01/2023

Cat No: CCS124

Format: Vinyl


  • the mole - x-pert profat
  • the mole - break for ma
  • the mole - drums 2002
  • the mole - ducklings 2
  • the mole - #ew_horseplay
  • the mole - jo barker
  • the mole - ar day
  • the mole - new family
  • the mole - repepepater (feat joli b)
  • the mole - clean father
  • the mole - ambient jams 3
  • the mole - july 11 creepy (feat ted pilsner)
  • the mole - brain bed
  • the mole - roxy dancer
  • the mole - summer storm
  • the mole - they work for mr o
  • the mole - tricky dees dumm dumm
  • the mole - ufos over egypt (feat cristobal)
  • the mole - weak stranger
  • the mole - xmods in the living room
  • the mole - being a total warm up

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The Mole

More about The River Widens

Circus Company released The River Widens on Sat Jan 28 2023. The 21 track House release features The Mole.

Circus Company has released vinyl by Marc Schneider, Aera, Andrey Pushkarev, Aquarius Heaven, D Julz, Dave Aju, Dop, Franck Roger, Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts, Guillaume And The Coutu Dumonts, Jaws, Kevork Keshishian, Nicolas Jaar, Oleg Poliakov, and Seuil.

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