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The Frenz Experiment (Expanded Edition)

The Frenz Experiment (Expanded Edition)

The Fall

Beggars Banquet 2020


  • The Fall - Frenz
  • The Fall - Carry Bag Man
  • The Fall - Get A Hotel
  • The Fall - Victoria
  • The Fall - Athlete Cured
  • The Fall - In These Times
  • The Fall - The Steak Place
  • The Fall - Bremen Nacht
  • The Fall - Guest Informant (Excerpt)
  • The Fall - Oswald Defence Lawyer
  • The Fall - There'S A Ghost In My House
  • The Fall - Sleep Debt Snatches
  • The Fall - Mark'Ll Sink Us
  • The Fall - Haf Found Bormann
  • The Fall - Bremen Nacht Run Out
  • The Fall - Northerns In Europ
  • The Fall - Hit The North (Part 1)
  • The Fall - Australians In Europe
  • The Fall - Guest Informant
  • The Fall - Tuff Life Booogie
  • The Fall - Twister

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More about this release

Beggars Banquet released The Frenz Experiment (Expanded Edition) on 23 October 2020. The 21 track vinyl features The Fall.

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