The Exaltics Muted World
Genre: Electro

The Exaltics - Muted World


Release Date: 06/02/2013

Cat No: TRUST 023

Format: Vinyl


  • every beginning has an end
  • second phases
  • muted world
  • second phase (kamikaze space programme remix)
  • broken

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More about Muted World

Germany's #1 electro project The Exaltics (Bunker / Crème O/ Solar One) joins TRUST for a special EP: 'Muted World' shows the project at its most original, pairing subaquatic electro and electronica with acid touches and epic synths. Bristol hotshot Kamikaze Space Programme (DecaRhythm) supplies a sharp and hard hitting, AFX-inspired rework.

Trust released Muted World on Wed Feb 06 2013. The 5 track Electro release features The Exaltics.

Trust has released vinyl by Clatterbox, Stingray313, The Exaltics, Vc 118a, Julien Bracht, Matti Turunen, Lok44, Dez Williams, Stingray 313, Biepang, Glo3, Scape One, Microthol, Kamikaze Space Programme, and Plant43.

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