Thatmanmonkz Them Thangs EP
Genre: Disco

Thatmanmonkz - Them Thangs EP

Label: Shadeleaf

Release Date: 18/05/2020

Cat No: TMMRMX01

Format: Vinyl


  • Them Thangs Feat Ms Fae (feat Ms Fae - Waajeed Lost Without You Remix) - THATMANMONKZ
  • Them Thangs (feat Ms Fae - 'Monkz Og Dubstramental) - THATMANMONKZ
  • Freaks N Prophets (PPF Magic Freak Dub) - THATMANMONKZ
  • Sawa Sawa - THATMANMONKZ

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More about Them Thangs EP

Shadeleaf released Them Thangs EP on Mon May 18 2020. The 4 track Disco release features Thatmanmonkz.

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