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AV Estr Outtakes/Remixes

AV Estr Outtakes/Remixes


Hit and Run 2015


  • I'M On A Beach
  • Decades (Feat Yuk)
  • Grxxxvs (Feat Sofie Fatoubetchi)
  • The Yellow Cover (Feat Ages)
  • Spcd / There'S A Watermelon In My Pocket
  • Sachi'S Chords
  • Sotm (Sans Drums)
  • Gratitude
  • Gratitude (Co Fee Remix)
  • Red Curbs Lopp (Hominidae Remix)
  • Window Chimes (Nosdam Remix)
  • 5 Count Finale

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More about this release

Hit and Run released AV Estr Outtakes/Remixes on 12 October 2015. The 12 track vinyl features Teebs.

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