Sw | Svn SW:SVN
Genre: Techno

Sw / Svn - SW:SVN

Label: Apollo

Release Date: 25/05/2018

Cat No: AMB1805

Format: Vinyl


  • sw / svn - 10-10- nomix
  • sw / svn - dx n-lip
  • sw / svn - 11-10-17.1
  • sw / svn - la-400x
  • sw / svn - tx 77 hinten
  • sw / svn - tr.rd.

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More about SW:SVN

Apollo released SW:SVN on Fri May 25 2018. The 6 track Techno release features Sw, and Svn.

Apollo has released vinyl by Aphex Twin, Datassette, Makoto, Synkro, Model 500, Eskmo, Anton Zap, Amyn, Cloud Boat, Gacha, Lahun, Mr Yt, Sieren, Soundwalk Collective, and Tree.

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