Stojche | Rootsman I Lockdown Cronicles EP
Genre: Techno

Stojche / Rootsman I - Lockdown Cronicles EP


Release Date: 27/03/2022

Cat No: KNT20B

Format: Vinyl


  • stojche / rootsman i - quaratine dub
  • stojche / rootsman i - lockdown dub
  • stojche / rootsman i - isolation dub

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More about Lockdown Cronicles EP

Kontakt released Lockdown Cronicles EP on Sun Mar 27 2022. The 3 track Techno release features Stojche, and Rootsman I.

Kontakt has released vinyl by Ohm, Kvadrant, Van Bonn, Christian Bloch, Ywf, Merv, Octal Industries, Resoe, Metric System, Bioroot, Roberto Bosco, Rune Bagge, Tm Shuffle, Monoder, and Stojche.

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