Solis Lacus Solis Lacus
Genre: Soul Jazz

Solis Lacus - Solis Lacus

Release Date: 12/09/2022


Format: Vinyl


  • solis lacus - utopic cities
  • solis lacus - peace please
  • solis lacus - open air
  • solis lacus - little green man
  • solis lacus - sea of tranquility
  • solis lacus - remake

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More about Solis Lacus

Sdban Belguim released Solis Lacus on Mon Sep 12 2022. The 6 track Soul Jazz release features Solis Lacus.

Sdban Belguim has released vinyl by Andre Brasseur, Koen De Bruyne, Kiosk, Hearts Of Soul and Shampoo, Black Flower, Experience, The Indian Sound Of Black Foot, Francis Coppieters, Georges Hayes and His Philarpopic Orchestra, Rene Costy, Sso, Roland Thyssen, Stuff, The Soul Scratchers, and Patricia Burns.

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