Soft Pioneer Life Hackz
Genre: Techno

Soft Pioneer - Life Hackz

Release Date: 13/07/2020


Format: Vinyl


  • Multiple Levels - SOFT PIONEER
  • Soft Pioneer - SOFT PIONEER
  • Nothing Can Change Electricity Software Is Just Illusion - SOFT PIONEER
  • Paradroids - SOFT PIONEER
  • Insert Coin For A BMX Ride - SOFT PIONEER
  • Last Memory Of Giana - SOFT PIONEER
  • Jump Into Your Game - SOFT PIONEER

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More about Life Hackz

Childhood Intelligence released Life Hackz on Mon Jul 13 2020. The 7 track Techno release features Soft Pioneer.

Childhood Intelligence has released vinyl by Bigeneric, Dark Matrix, Fernando The Lobster, Derek Carr, Cozmic Jazzz Futurist, Dan Piu, Station Rose, The Nightstalker, Darren Nye, Soft Pioneer, Dawl, and Electrodefender.