Session Victim The Intangibles
Genre: House

Session Victim - The Intangibles

Delusions Of Grandeur

Release Date: 24/03/2023

Cat No: DOG91

Format: Vinyl


  • session victim - motivation (with ras stimulant)
  • session victim - dromedary twist
  • session victim - green run

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More about The Intangibles

Delusions Of Grandeur proudly welcomes the esteemed German duo Session Victim back to their roster, following a string of successful releases on Toytonics and Rhythm Section International. Undeterred by their busy schedule, Session Victim continues to captivate audiences with their distinctive sound, expertly melding organic live elements, robust dance floor beats, and a deep musicality.

The Intangibles EP showcases three original tracks that span a diverse range of styles, from high-energy jazz-infused techno and disco to soulful, uplifting house, and finally to downtempo, introspective beats. The result is a thrilling journey through the duo's versatile sonic landscape.

The EP opens with "Motivation," a track that features the spoken word of Ras Stimulant, accompanied by insistent, looping Rhodes stabs and an infectious uptempo disco groove. This quintessential Session Victim dance-floor shaker brims with energy while maintaining its unwavering focus on the central groove. Following this dynamic opener, "Dromedary Twist" maintains the momentum, delving deeper into jazzy organ chords and laying down a heavily syncopated bassline that ensures the funk factor remains undeniably present.

Concluding the EP with finesse, "Green Run" lowers the BPM, transporting listeners to a realm of laid-back, jazz-infused beats that exude tranquility. The lush strings and layers of analog synths intertwine effortlessly in this deceptively simple yet enchanting composition, perfectly complementing the preceding tracks. Fans of Session Victim's more introspective works, such as their 2020 LP Needledrop, will find much to appreciate in this mesmerizing finale.

In essence, The Intangibles EP is a testament to Session Victim's ability to effortlessly navigate diverse musical styles while maintaining their unique and captivating sound.

Delusions Of Grandeur released The Intangibles on Fri Mar 24 2023. The 3 track House release features Session Victim.

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