Sarathy Korwar Kalak
Genre: Soul Jazz

Sarathy Korwar - Kalak

The Leaf Label

Release Date: 09/11/2022

Cat No: BAY125VX

Format: Vinyl


  • sarathy korwar - a recipe to cure historical amnesia
  • sarathy korwar - to remember
  • sarathy korwar - utopia is a colonial project
  • sarathy korwar - things were not always simpler back in the day
  • sarathy korwar - but ahead of us the past is not only behind us
  • sarathy korwar - kal means yesterday & tomorrow
  • sarathy korwar - remember begum rokheya
  • sarathy korwar - that clocks don't tell but make time
  • sarathy korwar - remember circles are better than lines
  • sarathy korwar - remember to look out for the signs
  • sarathy korwar - a means to an unend - kalak

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More about Kalak

The Leaf Label released Kalak on Wed Nov 09 2022. The 11 track Soul Jazz release features Sarathy Korwar.

The Leaf Label has released vinyl by Craven Faults, Laurence Pike, Sarathy Korwar, Warmduscher, Snapped Ankles, Keeley Forsyth, Decius, and Murcof.