Sandw A Weekend Far Out
Genre: House

Sandw - A Weekend Far Out

Dub Disco

Release Date: 12/02/2019

Cat No: DUDI005

Format: Vinyl


  • s&w - arrival at the shore
  • s&w - ocean view drive
  • s&w - cloud palace
  • s&w - mondello (feat crocodile funk)
  • s&w - new age fantasy
  • s&w - part i & ii) - monte pellegrino (feat gustaaf
  • s&w - garden of cosmic speculation
  • s&w - after the tempest
  • s&w - homecoming

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More about A Weekend Far Out

Dub Disco released A Weekend Far Out on Tue Feb 12 2019. The 9 track House release features Sandw.

Dub Disco has released vinyl by Sandw, Thorsten Lee Broda, Aussteiger, Aporia, Georg Wedel, Polyplay, and Craftsman.